My Life In 8 Photos

6:00 PM

Hi everyone!
I planned to post an ootd today but I'm starting to get sick and I wasn't so excited to take nice photos feeling rubbish in this gloomy and a bit cold weather so I opted for this post.
I don't know is it because of the autumn weather that is finally here but I am feeling very nostalgic.I actually found inspiration for this post in this zoella's old post.

It was hard to choose just few photos to represent my life in some way but at the end I decided to share photos mainly from my childhood and last 4 years because I find those periods defined me the most and are the happiest years of my life so far. All of the photos are with my family or friends because they are most important part of my life.
Each of these photos has a little story behind it of course but if not I just found them really cute, and that's why I choose them.

So there you go my life in 8 photos. You're more than welcome to do this post too, I would love to check your posts out if you decide to write them, so if you do leave me a link in the comments.

xo, Marie

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8 komentari

  1. You have a great life with those people. Those pictures are awesome. ♥

  2. The third photo down is my fave, you all look like you were such cool kids aha! This was a lovely post, I love looking back at old photos!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you hahah we do have our fair share of silly photos. Looking back at old photos is one of my favorite things to do :)

  3. Great post! Beautiful photos!☺

    Visit and my blog if you want. Kisses!

  4. Your smile! :O So beautiful! Love how happy you are in all of these!


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