5 Ways To Relax And Be Happy

4:00 PM

When I think of being relax I automatically think of being happy. I'm the happiest when I'm relaxed and I have a few things that always relax me and put me in a good mood so I decided to share them on my blog.

1. Go Outside

If you have something you have to do like a homework to write or read a book, listen to music I find it really nice to just go outside and do it,  whether it being in your garden or a local park. This small change in my surroundings helps me clear my head and I always feel better being outside in the fresh air.

2. Hang Out With Your Friends

This tip maybe just for some of you. For me personalty it actually works the best. When I'm spending time with my friends I always have fun and I find myself without a care in the world. I give the credit for that to great friends I have.

3. Go For A Long Walk

Whether you go alone or with someone long walks or a nice hike tend to do a really good job when it comes to clearing my thoughts especially if the scenery is beautiful (like in the picture below from a hike I went on earlier this year).

4. Watch A Feel Good Movie

This one always does the trick for me. Watching a movie that I love or some of my favorite movies puts me instantly in a good mood. My all time favorites to watch are the Harry Potter movies.

5. Take Some Time Off

By this I mean take same time for your self and turn off your computer and cell phone, give yourself a break from the Internet and social media. What I do during this time is have a bath or just take a nap - you are never to old for naps.

 Hope you liked this post and found it helpful :)

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14 komentari

  1. I really like these tips! Going for long walks is my favorite way to de-stress!


    1. Glad you like it. It does wonders for me too :)

  2. Great Post! I love to do all those things:)
    If you want to follow my blog on GFC, I follow back<3 http://livinlikeaileen.blogspot.com/

  3. Nice post :)

  4. Love all of these. Go outside is definitely a good one - plus spending time with friends (sounds so easy but somehow it gets so difficult)! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. I'm so happy you liked it. Yeah I find it's like that for a lot of people

  5. Great post! I really like all these ideas! I already like going on walks.


  6. When I want to feel happy, I always like taking some time off :)
    Have a nice day!


  7. I just did a post just like this too! :) going out side definitely helps me clear my mind!
    great post
    catherine xx

  8. Nice tips! When I was stressed, I usually go out for a walk, it really helps!!



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