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6:00 PM

In some of my previous posts I wrote about university and the process of me loosing my mind over it, but I never told you where I'll be going to university to or what exactly I'll be studying.  So here it goes, I'm moving to Dubrovnik.

The reason I've missed last two posting days is because I went to Dubrovnik to check out the apartment I will be living in this year and to look around the town a bit.

So to tell you more about what I'll be studying.  The full name of my course/uni is Media and the culture of society,  and it basically combines journalism and public relations, and that's something I'm very interested in. 

My exact moving day is 8th of October and I must admit that I'm not so excited about the whole moving thing but I am excited for university and to start studying something that I have interest in.

What big changes are going on in your life and what will you be studying at uni if you have started it this year?

xo, Marie

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  1. Very cool! Im studying something very similar. Good luck with moving :)

    Samantha Series | bloglovin

  2. I'm starting a translation course at Uni on Thursday and am rather scared hahah.
    I moved from Austria last year to Edinburgh to study at College and oh god, the moving process was tricky. But then I had to move all the way back this Summer and it was even worse!
    Good that I'll be studying in my hometown now!
    Good luck!!


    1. Yeah, I find the moving part most difficult but I'm looking at it as a new experience :)

  3. wow that sounds so exciting! I visited dubrovnik once and the town is just beautiful. maybe youll see some of the game of thrones cast while theyre filming :)


    1. Yes it is a very nice town. Haha most of my friend said the same, the thing is I dont watch game of thrones :P 🙈


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