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I haven't put up a blog post in a few months now and I'm not so happy about that. The truth is it just went over my head, in all honesty I simply forgot to blog because I had a lot of stuff going on these past months.

My last post was about my thoughts and concerns regarding near future, university to be exact. Well let me tell you that I'm now officially a college/uni student *woohoo* and that is the main reason I've been absent. All of my thoughts and energy went into preparations and thinking about that. It may seem like not such a big deal to some of you but for a over-thinker like me and someone who suffers from severe nostalgia it kind of was haha.

I decided to put this little blog post up just to update you on a few bigger things that happened lately. Firstly as you would guess I finished high school. The last day was a blast.I don't know about other country's customs but here in Croatia each class of seniors makes t-shirt that represent them as a class (there is usually an inside joke written on them). That day for me was awesome. We don't have normal classes instead we go from professor to professor to give them flowers or gifts as a thank you for past 4 years. There is music in school yard and everyone dances and has fun. It's basically a big goodbye party.

Another big thing that happened that correlates with the first one above is that all of my closest friends enrolled into university as well but a bit of a down side to it all is that in just two months or so everyone will be moving in a different city, some even in a different country. My best friend is actually moving to Birmingham because she will be attending UCB there.

So basically it was a time of big changes for me and my friends. i can't say I'm not excited about new things life will bring us in jus a couple of months time but I do need to say that I'm a little sad this period of my life is behind me given that it was wonderful it's no surprise I feel that way.


And to wrap everything up I just wanted to say that I'll try my best at blogging once again now that all of the mayor stressful things from my life have been solved. I really enjoy writing posts and blogging it puts me at ease somehow and I would like to keep it up. 

XO, Marie  

P.S. If you want to know a bit more on my experience regarding applications for college be sure to leave questions and suggestions on about what you want to know in the comments. :)

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