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4:30 PM

Hi everyone!
About a month and a half or so I painted my friends back. We didn't just do it for no reason although after we did it we talked about how we could do these little photo projects more often. And now I decided to share the process here. :)

So why did I paint this picture on her back? 
It was for my art/design portfolio of some sorts which I needed to make in order to apply to one of the colleges of my choice (unfortunately I didn't manage to get into that college :/).
I don't think you know this but art, photography and design are one of my biggest passions and favorite hobbies.
The idea behind this photo was basically for it to represent the surroundings I grew up in ( I live in a sea side town). I found inspiration in the paintings of a local painter which I really liked.

I actually do think photos and the painting on her back turned out quite good. What do you say?
I hope we get the chance to do similar things and photo shoots in the future because it was so much fun.

xo, Marie

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