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Hi everyone! 

Today I wanted to write a bit about summer jobs, some of my thoughts on them and my experience.  I've had a summer job for the last 3 years now and my advice before you even get one 1.) If you don't want to work and you don't have to then simply don't.  It's better to then leave that job to someone who needs it and wants to work. 2.) Try finding something that sparks your interest. I know it's only for the summer but isn't it  better to start of by doing something you like and in a field you would work in the future. 

Now onto my experiences. For the first two summers I worked in a local tourist info center.  It was an OK job, nicely paid and everything,  but it was very stressful because it was also an exchange office and I had to work with a large amounts of money on daily basis. I worked there when I was 16 and 17 and at a very young age I had a loy of responsibility on my hands. It was also that kind of a job where you had be accessible the entire day for various reasons. And I really disliked that aspect of it. The job wasn't the easiest but fortunately the people I worked with were and still are very nice ( I work now for the same company just a different working position). My first job thought me a lot of responsibility and because I had to be in contact with people the entire time it made me more communicative,  so I did benefit a lot by working there.
This year I work in a museum/art gallery/souvenir shop (3in1 haha) on the small island right across from 
where I live. There is no stress at all on this job and I find it much easier than The previous one I had. It's good to have this kind of job for a change. I do still communicate with people daily and I stayed in the field of tourism,  which I discovered I actually like after working on my first job. 
Having a summer job for starters helps you alot later on because you ease your way into working responsibility.  I do think it helps build character cause it did that for me and I strongly recommend anyone to have a little summer job. Through it you meet many interesting people and you grow as a person, plus you make some money for yourself. 

What are some of your advice and experiences?

xo, Marie

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