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Hi everyone!

Today I decided to write a 25 facts about me tag post simply because when I stumble upon a new blog or a YouTube channel these are the type of posts/videos I search for. I find this a fun way for you to get to know me better. 

1. I'm 163 cm tall

2. I have a younger sister and a younger brother

3. I have a mayor sweet tooth

4. The only form of tomato I like is tomato sauce, I really don't like fresh tomatoes and ketchup

5. My favorite colors are black and white (but if you don't consider those colors then it's peach)

6. Most of my clothes are either black or horizontal striped

7. I'm very indecisive

8. I don't have one all time favorite song or movie, I find it so difficult to choose just one out of so many

9. I sucked my thumb up until I was about 6 and that is why I had badly crooked teeth

10. I wore braces for a little over two years

11. I learned Italian and German in high school alongside English and Croatian which is my native language    

12. Peter Pan is my favorite fairytale and I'm kind of in love with the idea of Neverland

13. I have a tiny mole on my right hand little finger

14. I don't like big changer, even if they are good and positive ones I find it really difficult to accept them sometimes

15. One of my favorite smells is the smell after a heavy summer rain

16. When I was little I wanted to become a fashion designer and I always drew dresses and outfits

17. I never flew on a plane but I hope that will change soon

18. I can't wait to drive my own car

19. I really enjoy long rides whether it being with a car, bus or a train

20. I don't like painting my nail fingers and I never wear nail polish

21. Furthest I've been away from home is Prague, Chez Republic 

22. I'm a Christmas enthusiast 

23, I consider the second half of 2014 to be the best time period of  my life so far

24. I do believe in destiny to some extent 

25. I think two most important things in life are: 1) Doing what makes you happy & 2) Surrounding yourself by people you love and who love you, and good people in general

And here you go my 25 facts, I hope you liked them and that you did get to know me better. Leave some of random facts about you down in the comments :).

xo, Marie 

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  1. Great post!♥

    Join my blog: http://sarahmakeupp.blogspot.com

  2. I like this kind of post where you get to know better the person you're reading! xx



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