5 Days to christmas | Where have I Been?!

5:49 PM

First post after little over two months and sadly it will be an excuse haha. I really wanted to give my all and start blogging regularly but university got in my way. I found myself very busy with uni work and activites I took on along side university.  I'm on our local student radio and I'm also involved in ESN ( Erasmus student network). I'm very satisfied with my courses, newly made friends and all extra-curricular activities. I've been constantly on the go and in last 2 months I wisited four cities in my country. So with all of the work I have now on my hands this little blog of mine kind of got left behind, but now that I'm on my winter break I have some free time and I really want to keep my blog going and that for I'm determened to make time and organize myself so I can put out blog posts as regulary as I want.

These 5 days leading on to Christmas I wanted to put out a post each day to compensate for the long period of writing nothing. In todays post I just wanted to give you a small update on where I have been and why I haven't writen anything in so long.

Hope you are as excited for this holiday season as much as I am, read you soon 
xo, Marie

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