A Throwback Vlog

8:10 PM

I went trough some photos and video clips on my phone and I came across these ones from the beginning of November when my friends and I went shopping to Split for our prom dresses and I've decided to make a vlog out of it.
It came out really nice in my opinion,  taking into consideration that this is my first edited video ever.
We had a really nice day and it was so good to go out of our town and have a whole day to go from store to store and just enjoy spending a day out with your friends. Fortunately the weather was amazing and it wasn't cold at all.
My prom is in 2 weeks (19.12) and one of the main reasons why I didn't post lately is that there was a lot to take care of regarding school and prom.My friends bought really nice dresses but I haven't found a dress when we were in Split but I got that all sorted out now ;)

xo, Marie

PS. Let me know if you liked my video and I might do more of them because I liked doing this one :)

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2 komentari

  1. odličan post, video me oduševio ,samo tako nastavi ,radujem se novom videu! :))



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